The future is coming!

Flying cars, food in pill form – this is what Tomorrow’s World in the 1970s promised would be in our future. Well, actually, to be fair to Maggie Philbin, I seem to recall her saying that given the nutrients and vitamins required, a pill would have to be the size of a beach ball to contain everything the human body needs, after which statement she helpfully produced a fake pill as a visual aid to understanding (presumably a beach ball painted white) to hammer the point home. If this is still the case, I for one am happy to stick with my roast chicken in roast chicken dinner form.

Anyway, the future. What’s on the horizon, flying cars and food in pill form notwithstanding? The new issue of E&T considers the world of 2020 from an engineering and technology perspective, so take a look at our writers’ predictions and let us know what you think.


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