Apple iPad: iLoveIt, iWantIt, iCan’tAffordItRightNow

Yes, indeed, sing hallelujah, cast off the shackles of media secrecy to dance a gay hornpipe with flaxen-haired maidens through a field of bluebells, because Apple has finally put all the world’s slavering geeks out of their misery – many of whom seemed to be on the brink of expiring in a flash of tech-induced spontaneous combustion – by announcing the iPad.

Just in case you’ve been in a coma for the past 24 hours, it’s a tablet computer a bit like a large iPhone. Only you can’t actually make phone calls with it. But you can send e-mails. And play music. And swank to all your cash-strapped friends who can’t afford or justify buying one. Anyway, it’s really very nice. Oh, have a read of E&T’s wee news story about the iPad and enlightenment will flow through you, grasshopper.


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