It’s official: Web stress messes brain

The scourge of Web stress is nothing new, but IT management company CA has public’d what it claims is the first neurological study of consumer reactions to a ‘poor online experience’.  Working with consultancy Foviance, the study analysed brain wave activity from volunteers tasked with purchasing products and services online over a ‘standard’ 2Mbps broadband link. CA admits that there are many factors inveighing on a website’s ‘responsiveness’, and acknowledges that Web stress is a longtime ‘known problem’ in respect to online user experience. What the new research is supposed to prove is that bad browsing due to crappily-designed websites … Continue reading It’s official: Web stress messes brain

Living the American dream

What goes best with a lawsuit? Why, a counter lawsuit, of course. Those wacky hair-trigger litigators of America have been at it again, as Nokia sues Apple and Apple sues Nokia right back. What’s it all about? Good question, glad you asked. Patent infringement. You know how it is: one gadget dude comes out with something spiffy and another gadget dude claims that actually they invented half the cool stuff in the other gadget dude’s spiffy new device, so he gets the US International Trade Commission in to decide who’s right and who’s wrong. And so it is with Apple … Continue reading Living the American dream

Nintendo DSi XL on its way States-side

Official: the Nintendo handheld DSi XL is coming to US stores on March 28. It’s old news already in Japan, inevitably. Gotta love the future-facing, gadget-churning Japanese. By the time the DSi XL arrives in the UK, the Japanese will probably have plasma-screened headset-mounted consoles controlled by eyeball tracking technology that docks in the dashboard of their brand-new hover bikes. Oh, well. We’ve got rain to keep us amused. Lots of rain. Continue reading Nintendo DSi XL on its way States-side

Don’t panic – or bang on the wall…

UK citizens who have had this document fall through their letter boxes in recent days may be struck by the familiarity of its graphic presentation and design. That stark, utilitarian use of camouflage colours and no-frills typography remind us of something – but what? Of course! Anyone who received a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON mug or mousemat for Christmas will recognise the austere wartime style. Seems like the spirit of 1940 is back – only this time noisy neighbours are the enemies at the gates. The garden gates, that is… ‘Your local authority, the police and social landlords all have strong and effective powers … Continue reading Don’t panic – or bang on the wall…