Sophos unlinked over LinkedIn

In its just-published 2010 Threat Report, security solutions vendor Sophos advises that LinkedIn, though considered to be the ‘least threatening’ of the top social networks, ‘can still provide a sizeable pool of information for hackers’. “Targeted attacks against companies are in the news at the moment, and the more information a criminal can get about your organisation’s structure, the easier for them to send a poisoned attachment to precisely the person whose computer they want to break into,” warns Sophos’s over-quoted senior technology consultant Graham Cluley. “LinkedIn provide[s] hackers with what is effectively a corporate directory, listing your staff’s names and positions, making it child’s play to reverse-engineer the email addresses of potential victims”.
Such risks have not deterred the ‘world (sic) most secure antivirus firm’ from allowing its own employees to sign-up to the business networking tool. A quick LinkedIn People Search reveals that (as of today) 1,022 claimed Sophos workers have uploaded their professional profiles to the directory, including Cluley himself, and director of SophosLabs Mark Harris. More intriguingly-titled staffers include Swindon-based ‘Doggy Style at Sophos’, and Oxford-based ‘Masseur at Sophos’.
Such job roles sound a little louche even for Sophos’s famously informal corporate culture; can it be that some cyberscamp is touting under the esteemed firm’s moniker?


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