‘Sweeney’ hacker plot?

Damian Gordon (Dublin Institute of Technology)’s study of how hackers and other computer criminals have been depicted on film over 40 years overlooks one notable example of the genre – although to be fair, this was a UK TV outing , rather than a silver screen job. In a 1975 episode of popular UK cop drama ‘The Sweeney’ entitled ‘Tomorrow Man’, naked civil actor John Hurt plays Tony Grey, programming wiz bent on revenging himself on his former business partner when he refuses to rehire him at the data processing bureau they set up. Aggrieved Grey conspires to hack into the bureau’s computer system to change shipment plans of a consignment of gold bullion so that it can be heisted. A prescient twist (for 35 years go) is that he uses a wireless (radio) link to connect to the host system. Anyone know any more about the tech conceits behind ‘Tomorrow Man’ plot? or who wrote the screenplay?


One thought on “‘Sweeney’ hacker plot?

  1. Hey, Damian Gordon here author of the paper, yep I know, I’m a big fan of The Sweeney and have the complete DVD, disc 8 has “The Tomorrow Man” on it. I am about 75% finished a paper on @Hackers on TV@ and rest assured The Sweeney is all over it.

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