Control freaks

Point, click and relax: the satisfied end of many a human being’s day. The humble remote control has become an all-powerful little friend for millions of couch potatoes. What about extending this control to other aspects of one’s home?

The extension of remote control functionality throughout the average dwelling requires the engagement of a custom installation company, which will for a price enable all your white goods, brown goods, lights, curtains and garage doors to be controlled by a single box of tricks.

The modern reality of course is that we all have a handful of remotes jostling for position on our chair arms. The one drawback when we do finally slump down after a hard day’s work, is the inevitable fumble down the side of the sofa for the right remote. Not only this, but they all look the same, don’t they? And when you finally chance upon the right one, the complexity of modern electrical hardware means the buttons are numerous, tiny and covered in unfathomable iconography.

E&T magazine appraises the current state of remote control technology and asks: got any AA batteries?


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