@MWC – TI updates mobile interfaces

Texas Instruments is now sampling its OMAP4 processor, which it says will enable new user interfaces for mobile phones.
The chip includes two Cortex A9 processors from ARM Holdings as well as a number of application-specific accelerator cores.
The announcement is significant because the chip’s predecessor, the OMAP3 family, provided the heart of a number of key handsets announced last year, including Motorola’s Droid Android handset; the Samsung Omnia HD, which offered high-definition video encoding and decoding; and the Sony Ericsson Satio, which included a 12Mpixel still camera.
“There are over 40 handsets in development with the OMAP3 which wil be coming to market this year,” said Remi El-Ouazzane, vice president and general manager of TI’s OMAP platform business unit.
The extra processing power of the OMAP 4 is being used to support 3D user interfaces, contextual browsing and multiple displays. El-Ouazzane said that gesture recognition in particular needs strong image processing capabilities in order to be able to distinguish intentional gestures from changes in background lighting. The extra processing power will also enable the use of 3D.
“OMAP4 is the only processor in the workd that can do 720p HDTV at 60 frame/s,” said El-Ouazzane.

TI has built a development platform called Blaze to show off teh capabilites of OMAP 4. The Dom Joly sized hardware includes two 3.7in WVGA capacitive touch displays; HDMI output for third screen display support; a DLP Pico projector; three multi-megapixel cameras; accelerometer, compass, ambient light, proximity, barometric and temperature sensors; support for multiple digital microphones, stereo speakers and audio outputs; and a single chip with WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM radios.


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