@MWC – Quick move on MeeGo development

Monday’s announcement that Nokia’s Maemo mobile operating system would be merged with Intel’s Moblin offering has prompted quick work from third-party developer Teleca.
Teleca has announced that it is offering its expertise on Maemo, Mobile Linux and x86 platforms to offer device vendors a quick way to create devices based on MeeGo.

Teleca does its Mobile Linux development offshore and so has existing skills that can be applied to developing MeeGo devices, including product creation, customisation, and applications and services.
“This is a positive move for the industry which will reduce complexity and number of operating systems,” said Andrew Till, vice president of solutions marketing at Teleca.”As an experienced provider of services for both Maemo and Moblin, we are perfectly placed to help players in the mobile eco-system benefit from this merger.”
The new operating system will combine the Moblin operating system core and the Maemo user interface. The first version of MeeGo will ship during the second quarter, and the first MeeGo devices are expected in the second half of this year.

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