Supine tigers, gaping maws

Thomas ‘Ecademy’ Power is back, bringing a welcome voice of experience and caution to the gung-ho geekery permeating the Social Media World Forum. As enterprises gush and rush to embrace Twitter to drive core sales, Facebook to build critical customer communities, and LinkedIn to consolidate valued B2B relationships (and find key staff to recruit) how many CIOs consider the fact that all that irreplaceable data that they are basing so much sales and marketing activitiy on does not actually belong to them? It belongs to yer Twitters, Facebooks, YouTubes, LinkedIns, etc.  And as they -the socnet platforms – introduce new ways to monetize their own propositions, how long before the social network providers start to charge for the privilidge of using their services?
“What happen when FaceBook and co start talking directly to your customers, to your clients?” asks Power. “And what happens when FaceBook becomes a bank, a credit card, an online retailer – becomes a predator?” [JH]

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