Corporate PR ‘will eat social media’

More from the gossipy nooks of the Social Media World Forum, this time about social media and its effect on corporate PR. Many savvy brands (those big enough to be able to afford it) are setting up social media monitoring initiatives to keep watch on what socmed is saying about them…. Intermediated coverage on blogs or Twitter is causing social net monitoring teams to jump at any mentions that are either negative or even damn with faint praise.
Because it is often unbudgeted for, social media monitoring is being done on the cheap, managed by unexperienced personnel who are prone to overreaction. A trickle of negative references is deemed a ‘Toyota moment’…
The fight-back is on. Savvy PRs are now target ‘influential’ bloggers with the usual tricks of their trade – gifts, goody bags, lavish meals, and other hospitality, expenses-paid trips…
Later that evening the PRs lay their traps:
Those SOB bloggers may think that they’re bigshots for now… But we’ll soon have ’em eating out of our lunch bag…
The whisper here is that many PRs see bloggers as a ‘soft nut’ to crack – a much softer target than pesky journalists.


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