Tweeting: ‘blogging for morons’?

So, farewell then Social Media World Forum Europe The World The Universe 2010, and roll-on next year’s event. Conference programme presentations in 2011 that we’d like to see include:

  • Keynote address 1: “Will someone please capitalise me £500k?”
    Is investing thousands in a ‘vaguely interesting idea for a website that has the potential to be quite successful’ throwing good money after bad? Not at all, argues serial entrepreneur Con O’Course.
  • Keynote address 2: Tweeting: is it really just blogging for morons?
    Controversial über analyst Gunther Lünch of market-watcher DataGeist Group shares his view of the ‘bifurcation of the Socmed generation’ into so-called ‘Tweet twats and blog-telectuals’.
  • Social Media Trends: the rise of ‘identity sharing’
    Many socmed adherents are finding that an entire personality is surplus to their requirements. University lecturer Professor Grant Guzzler suggests that there is no moral or ethical reason why two (or more) individuals should not share the same single personality in virtual cyber-domains.
  • Monetization: the ‘Holy Grail’ of Social Media business models
    Leading commercial consultant Daniel Day-Rate revisits a subject heading that rarely fails to pack ’em in. His conclusion: we still have some way to go toward achieving this.
  • Case study: 10 steps to deriving value from the obvious
    Shirley Knott, managing director of the UK’s largest small-to-medium sized enterprise Mega Industries International, explains how her company did some fairly obvious things to making Internet technology perform some basic business processes, such as setting-up a website, and accepting online payments.

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