When Faraday met the Lovelaces

Ask any woman working in science or engineering what inspired them to follow their career and they’ll probably mention encountering someone in their formative years who changed the way they thought. When Ada Lovelace and her three children met Michael Faraday in 1851 the signs that it would shape the youngsters’ future were promising. In a letter afterwards, Faraday congratulates her on: “… those young creatures whom I rejoice to know as your children. Their intelligence was astonishing, their manners kind & themselves in every way most interesting.” Most parents of kids these days who got that kind of response … Continue reading When Faraday met the Lovelaces

In honour of Ada Lovelace

Members of the E&T team have been asked to blog about inspirational women, in honour of Ada Lovelace day, which prompted me to think about who inspired me when I was young. In science and technology the only famous woman I could initially think of was Marie Curie. This morning I remembered Valentina Tereschkova, the first female astronaut – I clearly recall seeing the television reports of her achievement, and becoming aware that women could do the same things as men (this of course was a time when London Transport could legally advertise different pay rates for male and female … Continue reading In honour of Ada Lovelace

It’s Christmas every day here

No, this isn’t a comment on the rather picturesque dickensian scenes outside E&T’s hotel window in Estonia. It is, in far easier here to access Government services far easier than anywhere else in the world that I am aware of. Yesterday, our first full day in Tallinn was dominated by a visit to the Enterprise Estonia Demo Centre – where we were demonstrated, albeit in-vitro, how Estonians manage to accomplish in 5 minutes what the average UK consumer would take five weeks to do. This appears to benefit e-commerce too. Although, technology not much further advanced than the UK, there … Continue reading It’s Christmas every day here