Engineers: what’s the big idea?

Engineering & Technology magazine is looking ahead to the general election by inviting engineers to propose one big project they’d want to get off the ground if they were prime minister. The idea is prompted by the publication by a group of leading UK engineering organisations of a pre-election manifesto listing the actions they say an incoming government needs to prioritise. ‘Engineering the Future of the UK’ is backed by the E&T’s publisher the Institution of Engineering and Technology and other institutions, along with the Engineering Council, EngineeringUK and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Described as a ‘call for action’, … Continue reading Engineers: what’s the big idea?

The mashable police car

Yesterday, Vitali and I visited the headquarters of Tallinn’s police station which used to be a former Soviet era chocolate factory. The exteriors of many communist era buildings still exist – but what lies underneath is extraordinarily different. This can also be said of the typical Estonian police car. On the outside it looks just like your typical vehicle – but on the dashboard and in the trunk, these squad cars are packed with the latest and most practical communications equipment. Whereas in the UK and elsewhere, the entire database of information has to be downloaded to a police vehicle … Continue reading The mashable police car


Today Estonia marks its Memorial Day – the 61st anniversary of the second wave of deportation of thousands of her citizens to Siberia by the Soviets. In the morning we were filming outside and inside Stenbock House – a small and easily accessible Estonia’s Government Building. A modest memorial plate on its facade lists dozens of pre-WWII MPs murdered by the invading Soviet Communists. And inside the House, in the ante-chamber of Europe’s most sophisticated technology-ridden Cabinet Meeting Room, with not a single scrap of paper in sight, there hung portraits of eight former Presidents of Estonia, only one of … Continue reading e-Stonia