The mashable police car

Yesterday, Vitali and I visited the headquarters of Tallinn’s police station which used to be a former Soviet era chocolate factory. The exteriors of many communist era buildings still exist – but what lies underneath is extraordinarily different.

This can also be said of the typical Estonian police car. On the outside it looks just like your typical vehicle – but on the dashboard and in the trunk, these squad cars are packed with the latest and most practical communications equipment.

Whereas in the UK and elsewhere, the entire database of information has to be downloaded to a police vehicle at the beginning and the end of a shift – with all the inherant security implications that are present if the car is broken into.

The Estonian police car, on the other hand, regularly polls the server at the control room of the Police HQ and provides the necessary information immediately. This enables more information to be available from several Government databases – such as the local criminal database, vehicle registration and information governed under the Shenghen Treaty.

Therefore, if you live in the UK, even your data will be available to law enforcement here.


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