Strange daze for Jim Morrison spotters?

It’s a hardly-known fact that in the same way that Fab Four fans could buy Beatle wigs and suits, a limited amount of merchandising around their Stateside contemporaries The Doors was also released. Costing $4.95 in 1969, the ‘realistic-looking’ Jim Morrison wig/beard combo transformed any wannabe Lizard King into an approximation of the iconic frontman. A pair of squeaky snakeskin slacks, and jug of cheap Californian wine to swig from, completed the ensemble. Although taken off the market when the great man died in 1971, Jim Morrison beard/wigs sets do occasionally come up on eBay.
Little wonder then that the authenticity that some newly-discovered footage of Morrison – to be included in When You’re Strange, a new cinema documentary about the insobrietous would-be shaman – has been questioned. Is it the genuinely hirsute Jimbo seen in the frame? Or a Morrison look-alike sporting prefabricated face fur?   Judge for yourself at


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