AshBalls #2: ‘Stuck abroad? Get luggage home more easily’

More Eyjafjallajokull AshBalls from hi-tech luggage vendor LiveLuggage (you can just imagine Monty Python’s Graham Chapman speaking this over tinkly background musak…)

As thousands of stranded passengers have found out during the travel chaos, being stuck abroad is bad enough, without having walk miles with luggage. Power-assisted and anti-gravity cases from Live Luggage help take some of the strain out of this situation. A new breed of case chassis with a patented ‘Anti-Gravity’ handle system. Easily manoeuvrable case which feels almost weightless when fully loaded.  Live Luggage features power-assisted wheels with in-built pan-cake motors for power-assistance for going up gradients. Intelligently driven with torque sensors and tilt switches, the wheels power up automatically when a step or gradient is sensed, driving the wheels forward, saving strain on the user’s body.  The weight of the packed case feels like virtually nothing.  Safe, rechargeable batteries last for around 1.5 miles on a single charge.

‘It’s easy to pull a Live Luggage case comfortably while holding a child’ is the claim, but as the supplied PR image shows, evidently an easier tac is to get the child to do the actual lugging:

SON: Dad – where’s Mum?
DAD: Shhh – she’s in your suitcase.


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