Music technology: the state of the art

Interested in sound? Interested in music technology? Interested in bringing the two together in new and exciting ways to create hitherto unknown worlds of aural pleasure? Good news: your luck’s in.

Professor David Howard – or Professor David Howard CEng FIET, Head of the Audio Lab, Intelligent Systems, Research Group Department of Electronics, University of York to give him his full name – is giving a free lecture on Wednesday, 12 May 2010 in the South Kensington Campus, Sir Alexander Fleming Building (not the Ian Fleming Building, sadly) at the Imperial College, London, UK.

The good Prof will be looking at the ways in which sound can be created and manipulated with demonstration sounds being used to show what is happening and also at how we can control sounds in live musical performance using human gesture and various interfaces including some that take advantage of smart materials. Waving at stuff, jabbing fingers at it, that sort of thing, I wager.

Full details of the free music technology event are on the IET Events pages.

There’s also a preview video on the IET’s YouTube channel. I warn you now about the near-3D opening to the video, where Professor Howard virtually lunges out of the screen at you, but I promise that he settles down after that.

The whole thing kicks off at 6pm GMT (the only mean time that matters, my colonial friends), so if you’ve got a spare couple of hours in London on Wednesday evening, you could do worse than chillax with the good Prof at ICL.

And if you can’t make it to any of this, the whole kit and caboodle is also being webcast. Seriously, dude, no excuses.

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