Curing computer range anxiety

my law of lithium ion exaggeration states that whenever a tech company brags about their latest portable electronic device and you ask them how long the battery lasts; whatever the answer, always divide it by a factor of 2.5. This is because they are always looking at the very best case scenario – which rarely lends itself well to the real world.

I was very sceptical with Steve Jobs’ assertion, during the launch of the iPad, that he was able to watch 10 hours of video during a ten hour long haul trip from the Far East back to Silicon Valley.

Firstly, why on earth would someone want to watch ten hours? Perhaps he was watching an anthology of all his keynotes back-to-back since the launch of the original Mac?

I cannot vouch to have tried a similar experiment. I don’t think we have produced ten hours of E&T video – and I don’t think that all the IET Presidents inaugural lectures are available for download just yet. Doesn’t that sound like a podcast hit in the making?

What I can confirm is that I am no longer anxious about running out of juice – to the extent that I no longer need to carry a power lead for my iPad. Finally tether free!

This is the unique selling proposition for the iPad for me. Netbooks may be able to run for 6 to 8 hours, but 10 hours is just about in my comfort zone.

[Kris Sangani]


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