iPhone 4G – what we know and what to predict

Steve Jobs will keynote at the company’s annual Developers Conference in San Francisco today where he is widely expected to launch the next generation of the iPhone – on the back of the recent successful launch of the iPad. What we already know is that the fourth generation iPhone will have some expected additions to allow it to stay ahead in the smartphone market.

Apple is facing stiff competition from consumer based smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system is growing, pressuring Steve Jobs to raise the bar even higher. Android based smart phones have made huge technical progress with devices from HTC, Motorola and Samsung Electronics all now featuring comparable touch displays. The phone will almost definitely be faster and may incorporate Apple’s own processor technology – like the iPad. To date, all iPhones and iPod Touch devices have used microprocessor designs developed by Cambridge based ARM Holdings.

Another feature that it is likely to have is a front-facing camera allowing the user to make video calls over a 3G network – but the feature that iPhone users and industry observers will be looking out for is multi-tasking. Apple’s main competition in the consumer market are Android based devices and these already have multi-tasking built-in. Multitasking is the ability to use more than one application operating on a device at anyone time.

Well. we’ll find out in a few hours time.

Kris Sangani


One thought on “iPhone 4G – what we know and what to predict

  1. Multitasking has already been announced and will arrive in iPhone OS 4.0 in summer. It’s not related to the next version of the iPhone.

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