E&T World Cup blog: day one, South Africa vs Mexico

We’re ready. Zakumi’s ready. The Rainbow Nation is ready. Radios and televisions of the world are ready. Yes, the World Cup kicks off at 3pm this afternoon for one month of ball-thumping, heart-pumping, sofa-slumping glorious football action.

Zakumi: best World Cup mascot ever
Zakumi: best World Cup mascot ever

And it’s not just the World Cup that kicks off today: so does the E&T World Cup blog. We’ll be predicting one game a day, calling on the expertise of the people interviewed for our magazine feature about the science of predicting football results.

For the first game, we have the host nation South Africa vs Mexico. Here’s how our panel sees the game going:

  • Dr Ian McHale, a Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Salford: “A draw”.
  • David Williams, head of PR at Ladbrokes: “South Africa to beat Mexico”.
  • Chris Day, goalkeeper for Stevenage FC: “1-1”.
  • Laura Daligan, ‘psychic, artist and pin-up’: “South Africa v Mexico, I do feel it will be a  very tough match for both teams, with either injuries or fouls plaguing the play. I feel it will also be a very close match and South Africa don’t seem to be playing their best. It’s a toughie but I’ll say South Africa will just lose out to Mexico.”

So we have two draws, one win for South Africa and one for Mexico. Let’s see how the game turns out. Why not make your own match predictions by adding a comment here? We’d love to hear what you think.

Tomorrow, it’s the big one for England v USA. Check in tomorrow to see what our panel predicts!

Remember: this is just for fun and all predictions are for entertainment only. Any mortgages lost or other sums squandered based on the information supplied are your own responsibility!

As a reminder, our four panelists are:

Dr Ian McHale, a Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Salford.  His research interests include statistics in sports and the study of gambling markets, so he’s  bringing the power of maths and science to the table.

David Williams, head of PR and official spokesman at Ladbrokes plc, one of the UK’s leading retail bookmakers with over 2,700 high-street betting shops. Williams will be tapping in to Ladbrokes’ state-of-the-art technology to select his winning teams.

Chris Day, goalkeeper for Stevenage FC. Having started his career at Tottenham Hotspur before moving to Crystal Palace, Watford QPR, Oldham and Millwall, Day will base his predictions on his football knowledge.

Laura Daligan, ‘psychic, artist and pin-up’. Daligan specialises in tarot card readings and dream interpretations and is also a colour healer, so our resident psychic will be tapping in to the cosmos to inform her predictions.


3 thoughts on “E&T World Cup blog: day one, South Africa vs Mexico

  1. I’m impressed! Chris Day gets the score spot on! And Dr Ian successful with the result… Surely it’s not long before the ‘match fix’ allegations start flying?

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