The impending Meffys

As E&T’s consumer tech editor, I was invited back in April to judge this year’s Meffys in the Technology Innovation category. I must admit, I was half expecting to be judging entries that were merely innovations in marketing and not technology. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I had already spoken to many of the companies whose products had been submitted – and others were also very familiar to me.

Like the Modu modular mobile device which I wrote about back in February 2009 for E&T.  Sadly, I see it didn’t make the shortlist, but I’m sure that this was just by a whisker – as I still think that the idea still has legs – and I’m sure the Israeli startup are working on a pair as we speak!

Layar, an augmented reality app for the iPhone and Android platforms deserved to make the shortlist. This app is going to be the first of many. Now the iPhone 4 has gyroscopic sensing, expect more of these types of apps to appear in the various app stores – can’t wait for it to be available for the Blackberry.

My favourite entry – was ‘Movidius – for Spielbergs on the Move’. This is actually a GPU developed for mobile devices to meet head-on the need for multimedia processing on mobile devices.It’s branded Myriad architecture combines hardware and software enabling video-editing, 3D rendering, HD playback and recording and video enhancements for improving low-bitrate Internet video and mobile television on mobile devices. Adobe will be pleased to know that it can also handle Flash incredibly smoothly.

The Mobile Entertainment Forum Awards are being held in London on Monday the 21st of June.

Kris Sangani

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