E&T World Cup blog: day eight, England vs Algeria

OMG! Germany lose to Serbia, missing a penalty and the opportunity to draw level in the process! From a position of near-invincibility, Germany will now be sweating on other results and facing the very realistic possibility of having to fight Ghana for their World Cup lives in Group D’s final games.

Still, they’ll probably scrape through the group stages and go on to win the darn thing. We should all be mindful of Clarence Seedorf’s wise words on MOTD2: Germany are Germany.

Anyhoo, as if Germany norging it up against Serbia wasn’t shocking enough news today, now we hear tell that Fabio Capello has slipped Robert Green the iron fist of management inside the velvet glove of team selection, whipping the #1 shirt off Green’s back and giving it to Calamity James.

England goalkeeper David James. Not pictured: World Cup calamity
England goalkeeper David James. Not pictured: impending World Cup calamity

With the Mexicans giving the French a good kicking for the first time ever last night and the Swiss poking holes in Spain’s footballing cheese the other night, the World Cup gets more interesting every day, sometimes in spite of itself.

So we have David James back between the sticks for England tonight, as the starting 11 once again try to resurrect the spirit of ’66 by at the very least winning a game. The Algerians seem like the perfect tonic for an England pick-me-up, but was does our predictive panel think?

Interestingly enough, our goalkeeping man on the panel just yesterday remarked that he didn’t think Capello would change the goalkeeper, but if he did he “wouldn’t throw in Hart, so it’s James on standby”. Standby no more for Mr James; taxi for Mr Green.

Here are today’s predictions from our panel:

  • Dr Ian McHale, a Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Salford: “A win for England.”
  • David Williams, head of PR at Ladbrokes: “England win”.
  • Chris Day, goalkeeper for Stevenage FC: “2-0 to England″.
  • Laura Daligan, ‘psychic, artist and pin-up’: “This seems to be quite a strong game, with both sides standing their ground, though I feel England ‘playing it safe’. Again, I don’t feel it will be an easy game for England, with some goals hopefully being scored in the last few minutes.”
Pretty much a clean sweep for Three Lions FC, then. Of course, this is just the predictions – what will the reality be? Why not add your comments and predictions below?
Remember: this is just for fun and all predictions are for entertainment only. Any mortgages lost or other sums squandered based on the information supplied are your own responsibility! And yes, I will keep mentioning this every day. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you eight times.
Incidentally, if you want to read our magazine feature on the science of football prediction, I can heartily recommend it. If you’re not much of a reader, wear your eyeballs out on the accompanying football predictions video.

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