Cartoon call to all would-be teen code warriors

It’s only a matter of time before software workers realise that they can claim compensation for the trauma caused by being called ‘geeks’ – particularly as one obscure synonym for geek is ‘a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, such as biting-off the head of a live chicken’ (biting the heads off dead chickens before a paying audience doesn’t count).
In the meantime, however, thrusting UK regional development board Sunderland Software City reckons that software careers still suffer from an image problem that can deter bright young minds from realising that these days you don’t have to know loads about writing code in complicated programming languages, because the development toolkits make it a doddle. The body has produced a Hanna-Barbera-style cartoon that aims to dispel some of the ‘myths’ attached to a career in software, and tries to show 11-17 year olds how a career in software can ‘take them places they’d never imagined’ – all funky, sexy stuff like music, fashion, movies, computer games, and sport, of course; less exciting applications like batch order processing, do not get a plug, let alone an image makeover, but c’est la vie…


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