Electric vehicles: charging ahead

Thinking of buying a new car? Had enough of petrol stations, with their overpriced chocolate, novelty air fresheners, hitherto unimaginable compilation CDs and comprehensive displays of pornography? Maybe an electric vehicle is the way forward. And not just for those of us wearying of the relentless forecourt visits, but for the whole planet. Step away from the oil, foolish human! There is a better way. Possibly.

Any colour you like, as long as it's banana yellow

There is naturally a wealth of debate fizzing around the issue of electric vehicles, so we’ve done the helpful thing and created a dedicated electric vehicles page, pulling together news and features from E&T magazine on this very topic. If you want to be suitably prepared should you ever find yourself buttonholed by Ed Begley Jr at a state dinner or celebrity pro-am golf tournament, we’ve got all the information you need to pass yourself off as a reliably informed expert.

As if this admirably altruistic exercise in knowledge dissemination weren’t enough, being suitably nimble and fleet of foot here at E&T Towers this page is not set in pixellated stone for perpetuity, no way no how. It will continue to expand beautifully in a self-sustaining evolutionary cycle as we cover this topic in the future, so watch that space.  This space, in fact: bit.ly/elec-vehicles

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