1960s comedy classic still inspirational

Aficionados of vintage Brit-Com might be tickled by this trio of promotional videos from the business ISP Star. They take as their inspiration the classic 44-year-old satirical vignette from the 1960s sketch show The Frost Report. The Class Sketch – featuring John Cleese, and Ronnies Barker and Corbett – was first broadcast in the 7 April 1966 episode. Star has (rather deftly we think) used the same model to comment on the some dilemmas facing enterprise IT. Not quite as amusing as the original, natch, but not a bad effort all the same. Scripted by Marty Feldman and John Law, the Class Sketch was … Continue reading 1960s comedy classic still inspirational

YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video

We can’t tell if this is old news or new news, but either way the promotional video for the YouTube Play awards is a highly diverting way to spend at least 1 minute and 19 seconds of your life – and possibly an awful lot longer if you start delving in to the 125 shortlisted videos, let alone exploring the 23,000 initial submissions. Watching this video thrilled and depressed us in equal measure. Thrilled at the sheer inventiveness of the world’s modern humans; depressed at the fact that we’re not doing this sort of thing ourselves, although at least inspired … Continue reading YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video

His dark materials: Andre Geim and graphene

Judging by the interview I heard on Radio 2 last night, Professor Andre Geim is one reluctant science star. Recalcitrant would be one word for his level of engagement. Still, being one of them gold-plated egghead boffins, he should have realised that you can’t go around discovering the thinnest material ever, giving it a snappy name like graphene and then winning Nobel prizes on account of this without someone wanting to come round and have a word. As it happens, E&T did just that two years ago – check out our interview with Prof Geim from the E&T archive. Continue reading His dark materials: Andre Geim and graphene