1960s comedy classic still inspirational

Aficionados of vintage Brit-Com might be tickled by this trio of promotional videos from the business ISP Star. They take as their inspiration the classic 44-year-old satirical vignette from the 1960s sketch show The Frost Report. The Class Sketch – featuring John Cleese, and Ronnies Barker and Corbett – was first broadcast in the 7 April 1966 episode. Star has (rather deftly we think) used the same model to comment on the some dilemmas facing enterprise IT. Not quite as amusing as the original, natch, but not a bad effort all the same.
Scripted by Marty Feldman and John Law, the Class Sketch was voted number 40 in Channel Four’s ‘Britain’s 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches’, and has been described as a ‘genuinely timeless… ingeniously satirising the British class system’.
Star helpfully includes a link to the original as it now appears on YouTube.


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