Android mobile TV games subscription service launched

Exent Games on Demand screenshot
Exent Games on Demand screenshot

PC and mobile gaming provider Exent and consumer electronics provider Vestel announced at IBC 2011 that they have teamed up to launch the world’s first all-you-can-eat Android TV game subscription service.

As the Games on Demand provider for the Vestel Smart Box Set-Top Box (STB), Exent will bring consumers top Android mobile games to TV for the first time ever.

The companies said that GameTanium on the Vestel Smart Box represented “a giant leap forward in casual gaming for TV” which capitalizes on the continued migration of STBs from Linux to Android-based operating systems, which has paved the way for seamless distribution of gaming and other rich-media content across multiple, previously incompatible devices.

They added that all the benefits of smartphone gaming interfaces – including touch, drag and accelerometer functionality – have been combined with GameTanium’s top-quality gaming experience and extensive Android catalog to deliver a unique TV gaming service.

“Consumers today want more entertainment options at home and we’ve found that gaming alongside video and music services are among the most popular requests,” said Hakan Kutluz of Vestel.

“With the flexibility of the GameTanium platform and Exent’s years of experience with content programming and distribution, Exent was the clear choice to power our Games on Demand offering for operators. By integrating GameTanium within our entertainment offerings, we are thrilled to be the first to bring the best of Android gaming to TVs worldwide.”

The GameTanium service was demonstrated on the Smart Box STB at the Vestel booth at the IBC 2011 conference, and the companies said that the platform will allow gamers to seamlessly switch between their phone, PC, tablet and TV with uninterrupted access to their games, scores, and levels.

“Exent’s vision is to provide consumers with the greatest gaming experience, anywhere they wish to be entertained,” said Zvi Levgoren, CEO, Exent.

“Expanding our Built with GameTanium offering from PCs, smartphones and tablets to the next generation of TV set-top boxes is an important milestone in fulfilling our play anywhere vision.

“Vestel is a great partner and we look forward to working with them to bring the greatest Android mobile hits to the living room while assuring the best user entertainment experience.”

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