Motorola new statistical multiplexer improves video quality by up to 20 per cent

Motorola Mobility headquarters
Motorola Mobility headquarters

Motorola Mobility has announced the launch at IBC 2011 of a closed-loop statistical multiplexer (statmux) which it says can improve bandwidth efficiency and video quality by to 20 per cent.

The statmux incorporates the Motorola SE-6000 encoder with Motorola’s perceptual video processing (PVP) and DM-6400 CherryPicker application platform.

By incorporating PVP with Motorola’s unique compression algorithms, Motorola says the SE-6000 encoder is capable of improving video quality by up to 20 per cent, or achieving the same video quality with a 20 per cent savings of bandwidth required.

Motorola says service providers have the flexibility to use the PVP feature only with premium content or for all the programs in the multiplex – so for example if five programs are contained in a multiplex, the 20 per cent bit-rate reduction allows enough space to insert a sixth program without sacrificing video quality.

“This new closed-loop statmux incorporates Motorola’s latest developments in the area of perpetual video processing and statmux technologies,” said Joe Cozzolino, senior vice president and general manager, Network Infrastructure, Motorola Mobility.

“By pooling Motorola’s video processing technologies into one solution, we can enable service providers to deliver higher quality video content or free up significant spectrum, based on the needs of their network.”

The DM-6400 CherryPicker has been upgraded to include the closed-loop statmux controller, and a single DM-6400 can support up to 160Mbps of statmux traffic, including any combination of closed-loop multiplexers using the SE-6000 encoders as well as open-loop multiplexers using legacy encoders.

Motorola says the DM-6400 also includes the entire set of features available from the classic CherryPicker design, enabling other services on the same platform as required such as Simulcrypt, DVB support, ad insertion, splicing, rate shaping and graphic overlay.

Motorola’s new statmux solution is available now for trials and will be commercially available for European operators and service providers in the first half of 2012.

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