Soyuz rocket launch – an annotated graphic

Ground control to Major Tomski. Preparations for Russia’s first space launch from French Guiana are fully underway. The Soyuz rocket, carrying a pair of satellites for Europe’s Galileo navigation system, will blast off from the brand new Sinnamary spaceport near ESA’s Ariane 5 launch site. Click on the graphic for an expanded view. Continue reading Soyuz rocket launch – an annotated graphic

Apple Q4 results – an annotated graphic

What would Steve do? For the first time in six years, Apple has missed its own voraciously high  sales expectations. Believe you me, your correspondent worked for Apple for a while earlier this century (pre-iPhone, if you can even remember such a time, what an age we live in, etc) and Apple always set aggressively ambitious sales targets for every month of the year. Even in February, the retail graveyard month! Of course, in the crazy world of stockholders,  announcing that you’re not going to achieve your own self-set high standards is a cue for capricious market lenders to decide … Continue reading Apple Q4 results – an annotated graphic

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 – an annotated graphic

It may no longer be news that Apple’s charismatic CEO Steve Jobs died last night, but we offer these two graphics here as supplementary elucidation on the nature of Jobs’ impact on Apple as a company, technology as a discipline and the world as a leader in thought and design. Click on the graphics for an expanded view. Also, you may wish to take the time to read E&T’s commentaries on Jobs’ passing, as well as some of our recent coverage of Jobs’ reign as Apple’s CEO. Steve Jobs, RIP Steve Jobs, Umberto Eco and why Mac computers are Catholic … Continue reading Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 – an annotated graphic

Apple iPhone 4S – an annotated graphic

Well, whaddya know – Apple failed to deliver the iPhone 5 that every tech geek was waiting on tenterhooks for. Naturally, vast swathes of people were on the internet within seconds of Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S to register their disgust that this wasn’t the widely-anticipated hover phone with ESP functionality that they hoped the iPhone 5 was going to be. But c’mon – we’ve  looked at the spec of the iPhone 4S, we’ve watched the product video and it looks pretty cool, a solid update of an already stellar gadget, even if we do all know that the … Continue reading Apple iPhone 4S – an annotated graphic

Apple iPhone 5 – an annotated graphic

The world is – naturally, inevitably, inexplicably – agog at the prospect of yet another slightly improved iPhone, as Apple gets ready to unveil its iPhone 5 later today. An estimated 41 per cent of U.S. mobile phone users are apparently planning to buy the iPhone 5 within six months of its launch, as Apple aims to counter the rapid growth of Android-powered smartphones. This graphic shows the likely changes made for the new iPhone 5, along with a snazzy pie chart showing smartphone market share. You just can’t beat a pie chart for visual representation of data, can you? … Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 – an annotated graphic