Colombian drug submarines – an annotated graphic

Colombian drug submarines. Yep, you read that right: Colombian drug submarines. The more forward-thinking Colombian drug lords have apparently elevated their practice to a new level of stealth, beyond cars, lorries, aeroplanes and boats, opting instead for the submarine as a preferred vehicle for narcotics transportation.

Now, we will confess our ignorance as to the actual numbers, but we can’t help thinking that the submarine ownership quotient amongst the people of Colombia must be extremely low. QED: it would be a reasonable supposition that anyone in possession of an actual ocean-going submarine may well be involved in the cocaine-smuggling game. Maybe submarines don’t come with an official log book?

Either way, it’s really happening. Colombian police have seized two drug-smuggling submarines in a week, close to the country’s Pacific coast. Homemade submersibles are increasingly the preferred means of transport for Colombian drug cartels in their effort to smuggle tonnes of cocaine undetected to Central America and Mexico and ultimately on to the United States and other markets.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Drug-smuggling submarines
Drug-smuggling submarines

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