Philippines earthquake – an annotated graphic

Since the central Philippines island of Negros was struck by a magnitude 6.7 quake on Monday, 15 people are known to have been killed with another 40 or so people known to be missing. Several remote towns have been cut off because of damage to roads and bridges. According to catastrophe management firm AIR Worldwide, in the coastal areas of the Philippines there are many non-engineered and poorly constructed buildings. The earthquake has regrettably highlighted this issue. E&T has a full news story on this aspect of the Philippines earthquake. We’re also sharing this graphic illustrating the location and magnitude … Continue reading Philippines earthquake – an annotated graphic

Airbus A380 wing cracks – an annotated graphic

The inspection of Airbus A380 planes for wing cracks continues by European airlines – now Qantas has grounded one of its A380 planes after dozens of cracks were found. E&T reports more on this in our latest news about the Airbus A380 wing cracks today. We also share this useful graphic with you, which details the construction of the A380 and the kind of issues airlines are now checking for. Click on the graphic for an expanded view. Continue reading Airbus A380 wing cracks – an annotated graphic