Apple iPoo Toilet – are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Yes, this iPoo toilet is a real thing, if not an official Apple product.  Yet.

The iPoo Toilet was created by Belgrade digital artist and designer Milos Paripovic, who came up with a toilet that combines the functional elegance of Apple products with waste disposal. The toilet seat is thinner than a Macbook Air and is made from the same material.

Like many an Apple product before it, the iPoo has exactly the same function as a regular toilet (e.g. a beige Windows one), merely costing twice as much for the same performance in a more stylish enclosure.

We don’t wish to speculate on where Paripovic did his thinking to be so inspired…

The iPoo is featured on the E&T home page today in our Big Picture image carousel (halfway down the page, enjoy the scrolling), if you fancy taking a virtual bio break. Check it out, along with other striking engineering images.

In the meantime, here’s a small preview:

Apple iPoo Toilet
Apple iPoo Toilet

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