Sony CEO leadership change – an annotated graphic #sony

The Sony CEO leadership change was announced a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve just found this helpful graphic down the back of our virtual sofa, so thought we’d share it now.  The Sony share price has “enjoyed” quite the rollercoaster ride over the past seven years, eh?

Time will tell if Kazuo Hirai can stabilise the company in the wake of outgoing Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer.

Sony followers might also enjoy E&T‘s exclusive interview with CTO of Sony’s Computer Entertainment division, Maasaki Tsuruta, in which he discusses Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the successor to its Playstation 3. Here’s one nugget from the interview: it will not be called Playstation 4 😉

We also have an exclusive in-depth analysis online of the Playstation Vita, due for launch shortly.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Troubled Sony announces new CEO
Troubled Sony announces new CEO

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