#London2012 #Olympics budget – an annotated graphic

As the front cover of one of the UK’s red-top national newspapers informs us today, there are but 95 days or so left until the London 2012 Olympic games begin.

As any good party planner will tell you, it behoves one to keep a watchful eye on costs. It seems that the UK government could have done with reining in its spending a little before inviting the world to join it in celebration, with the revelation that the 2005 estimated budget of £2.4 billion has spiralled – as a government’s estimated costs are typically wont to do – to a final budget of £11.3 billion.

This helpful graphic breaks down the costs and source of the money.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

London'€™s soaring Olympic budget
London'€™s soaring Olympic budget

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