Electric vehicles – research material and resources available from the IET Library #EVs

Did you know that the IET Library can be an invaluable resource for your research projects?

Invaluable research material is available on myriad engineering topics. For example, let’s take a look at what’s available on the subject of electric vehicles. Here’s what the library has available electronically to all its members through its IET Virtual Library.

The Virtual Library’s e-book collection, Knovel, alone has titles such as:

Propulsion Systems for Hybrid Vehicles by John M. Miller (Institution of Engineering and Technology); Battery Operated Devices and Systems – From Portable Electronics to Industrial Products by G.Pistoia (Elsevier); Electric Vehicle Technology Explained by James Larminie and John Lowry (John Wiley & Sons).

There are also thousands of full text articles on electric vehicles on the Virtual Library’s EBSCO databases. Here are a few examples:

Internal combustion engine control for series hybrid electric vehicles by parallel and distributed genetic programming/multiobjective genetic algorithms

(International Journal of Systems Science 2011)

Electric Vehicle Noise: Are They Too Quiet?

(Professional Safety 2011)

Application of ECQFD for enabling environmentally conscious design and sustainable development in an electric vehicle.

(Clean Technologies & Environmental Policy 2011)

Applying the Environmental Propensity Framework: A Segmented Approach to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Marketing Strategies.

(Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice 2010)

The Value of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles as Grid Resources.

(Energy Journal 2010)

For more information and help with specific research projects, contact the information professionals searchservice@theiet.org

T:  +44 (0)20 7344 8429

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