#CloudComputing – research material and resources available from the IET Library #Cloud

The IET Library has a huge resource in e-books, articles and reports and books in print and more on cloud computing.  Now’s the time to get stuck in, expand your knowledge, do some research!

Do you want to know what cloud computing is all about? Have a look at Faulkner databases Faulkner’s Advisory on Computer and Communications Technologies (FACCTs) which has trends, concepts and how big companies such as IBM are handling it.

The Engineering and IT reference Library has some great books on cloud computing such as Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach by Anthony T. Velte et al 2010.  Here’s a summary…..If your company is considering the move from a traditional network infrastructure to a cutting-edge cloud solution, this book provides a comprehensive look at the emerging paradigm of Internet-based enterprise applications and services.

Another one, on the same e-book resource, is Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms by Rajkumar Buyya et al 2011.  This book includes examples that illustrate problems and explain the mechanisms needed to successfully harness cloud computing, providing real-world case studies of numerous existing computing, storage, and application cloud services.

Though our all-embracing subscription to Ebscohost databases you will find thousands of full text articles published in 2012 such as:

An Advanced Survey on Cloud Computing and State-of-the-art Research Issues.

Fault Tolerance- Challenges, Techniques and Implementation in Cloud Computing.

Ensemble of Bayesian Predictors and Decision Trees for Proactive Failure Management in Cloud Computing Systems.

Do you want to select a book on this topic from the shelf? Lots are available to borrow or view in the IET Library. Did you know the library is open to the public as well as IET members? Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9 – 5. Here’s a selection of print books:

Distributed and cloud computing: from parallel processing to the internet of things by K Hwang, 2012,  Beginning mobile application development in the cloud by R Rodger, 2012,  Business in the cloud: what every business needs to know about cloud computing by M Hugos 2011, Cloud computing and software services: theory and techniques by S A Ahson 2011

Any queries or advice on virtual or print library just email us on libdesk@theiet.org. Need help with your research project? Contact our information professionals on searchservice@theiet.org. You will find every cloud has a silver lining.

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