London 2012 Olympics atheletes expelled from Games – an annotated graphic

Naturally, we’re positively cock-a-hoop about the success of Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics. We’re also magnanimous enough to acknowledge and celebrate the triumphant achievements of all the athletes competing in the Games, whatever their race, creed, colour or national affiliation.

However, there are inevitably some athletes who have lost sight of the spirit of the Games. With this in mind, we share this graphic today that documents those atheletes that compromised their own Olympic dreams by consuming known banned substances to enhance their performance, who insulted other athletes via social media channels (so very 2012, dahling!), who just didn’t really try hard enough, or who – as in the case of US judo representative Nick Delpopolo – may have “accidentally consumed marijuana” prior to their arrival at the Games.

Quite how one “accidentally” consumes marijuana is a mystery to us – “My, those chocolate brownies look most appetising. And you say they’re called ‘space cakes’?” – but we will assume positive intent and choose to believe that it is indeed not impossible.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Olympics 2012: Athletes expelled from the Games
Olympics 2012: Athletes expelled from the Games

One thought on “London 2012 Olympics atheletes expelled from Games – an annotated graphic

  1. Funny how, in this age of “enlightenment” and scientific discoveries, we are in the “Stone” Age regarding one of the worlds most wonderful, versatile and useful plants. Notice i did not say “drug”. Another sign of our blatant, willful, and stubborn ignorance regarding Marijuana. It is a plant! Herb! Good for fuel, food, medicine and just plain pleasant…Man Makes Drugs out of the plants that God made. Our drugs, even made from otherwise beneficial plants often have very dangerous, even life threatening side effects. And we promote them, and laud the Pharmaceutical companies that get us to use their foul and dangerous concoctions.And those “weeds” are demonized all the while they still provide relief from various ailments, with beneficial side effects! What evidence is right in front of our closed eyes-Wow, no wonder we cant see…

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