Nissan’s new black cab taxi for London – an annotated graphic

With all this talk of London, the Olympics and now the Paralympic Games, our minds turn today to how all the visitors might be ferried around the capital. Black cabs are the typical road vehicle of choice for people in a hurry and with close to 20,000 licensed taxis buzzing about the winding streets of this fair city, undoubtedly with 20,000 hairy sunburned elbows leaning out of 20,000 drivers windows, it’s big business.

Today’s graphic looks at Nissan’s new take on the black cab concept, with its NV200 London Taxi. Claimed to be 50 per cent more fuel efficient than other taxi options, the new taxi for London builds on Nissan’s previous success with its new taxi for New York City. E&T wrote about that particular race last year.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Nissan joins London's black cab race
Nissan joins London’s black cab race

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