The cost of Hurricane Isaac – an annotated graphic

With the extreme meteorological conditions caused by Hurricane Isaac now abating – including the peculiar news that the Mississippi River actually ran backwards for 24 hours, due to the intense, prolonged surge caused by the storm waters – the cost of the hurricane is now being calculated.

The latest estimate of insured loss for Isaac is around $2 billion, a good portion of which will doubtless be absorbed by rebuilding the 13,000 homes that the storm wiped out and rehousing displaced communities.

Mind you, Isaac still lags some way behind that mother of all tropical storms, Katrina, which is way out in front with a total fix-up cost of approximately $50 billion. That’s 50 BILLION DOLLARS!

It’s uplifting that the people in this boat are having a laugh about their predicament. That’s the essence of survival, really, maintaining good spirits in the face of adversity.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Hurricane cost comparison chart
Hurricane cost comparison chart

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