Apple iPhone 5 – an annotated graphic

Hell yeah, we’re more than happy to jump on the iPhone 5 bandwagon and ride those shiny high-tech Cupertino rails all the way in to the Web 2.0 sunset.

Today’s graphic is concerned with what well-informed folk on the interwebs (or “gossips”, as we used to call them last century) believe the iPhone 5 will deliver. New display, new casing material, various holes moved about a bit, that sort of thing. Naturally, we’re disappointed at the iPhone still not being a hover phone and the less said about the absence of a toothpick and a tool for getting stones out of horses’ hooves, the better.

Still, we’re all a-quiver about Apple’s next One More Thing announcement, so please excuse us while we adjust our posture so we’re positioned appropriately on the edge of our seats.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple iPhone 5 launch
Apple iPhone 5 launch

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