James Bond from Dr No to Skyfall – 50 years of gadgets, an annotated graphic #Skyfall

As the Royal Albert Hall red carpet prepares to unfurl itself and welcome the expensively soled shoes of the Skyfall stars – notably Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Judi Dench – we offer our own small contribution to James Bond mania with this look back at 50 years of gadgets.

Cars, guns and everyday objects given a snappy technological twist by Q branch – they’re all here. We’re pleased to see Oddjob’s hat getting a look in, but whither Jaws’ teeth? Gnawing through that cable car wire gave Roger Moore the fright of his life halfway up that mountain.

If you have a favourite Bond gadget not pictured here – whether wielded on behalf of good or evil – let us know. Blofeld’s cat doesn’t count, mind.

James Bond: 50 years of gadgets
James Bond: 50 years of gadgets

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