James Bond films, the big box office smackdown – an annotated graphic #Skyfall

Here’s an interesting graphic, doomed to be out of date within a month we know, but hey, this is the interwebs, we live in the moment, today is the parent of tomorrow, yesterday is the grandparent of next week, this afternoon is the nephew of this morning and… umm… sorry, went off track a bit there.  Let’s start again.

Here’s an interesting graphic, lining up all the James Bonds to date and laying out the box office gross for each film. Skyfall is almost certainly destined to make more money than any previous film, which will make Daniel Craig the most lucrative Bond after only three films. If Skyfall can rake in around $500 million, Craig will best Mr Suave’s – aka Pierce Brosnan’s – total.

Looking back at some previous films, we didn’t expect The Man With The Golden Gun’s lacklustre box office performance. That’s a pretty good Bond film, what with Christopher Lee’s debonair Francisco Scaramanga and the exotic far eastern locations. And who would have thought George Lazenby would make more money than Sean Connery? Oh well, there’s no accounting for public taste.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

James Bond: the stars and the box office take
James Bond: the stars and the box office take

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