Apple iPad mini released, world swoons – an annotated graphic

In case you missed it… (yeah, we know, a more redundant opener to a blog posting there has never been) Apple has released a new iPad. It’s smaller than the existing iPad. Sort of a mini version of the iPad. They’ve called it the iPad mini. Brilliant. It gets easier and easier in the Apple Marketing Department, doesn’t it?

Note obligatory use of sentence case for this product name, like the iPod touch, despite Apple’s continued arbitrary use of a capital P. Why do we all persist in honouring this ludicrous bastardisation of written English? Really, it’s an Ipod, if we’re going to consider using a proper noun for the product name. Or if we consider it generic enough, we should write ipod, like writing kettle as opposed to Kettle. Or hoover vs Hoover.

Oh, sorry, were you waiting for a more detailed analysis of the new iPad mini? Sorry. Can’t really be bothered. It’s very nice, it’s completely unnecessary and it probably guarantees an early grave for millions of perfectly serviceable electronic devices now apparently rendered obsolete and prehistoric and ultimately heading to the world’s landfills. Super.

We’d all take one if it was offered to us free, though, wouldn’t we? Even if only for use as a bedside lamp or a small plate for sushi.

E&T covers this sort of 21st century gadgetry nonsense all the live long day, so drop by our home page any time for the latest news and features. If you prefer an Apple-only diet, bookmark our Apple news page. It’s dynamically updated every time we write about Cupertino’s technology behemoth. Mmm… dynamic!

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple iPad mini takes aim at 7-inch tablet market
Apple iPad mini takes aim at 7-inch tablet market

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