Obama re-elected as President – US election costs infographic and the role of technology

So, as we all know, Obama saw off Romney and the Republicans are obliged to spend another four years licking their political wounds. Or, alternatively, having an unhinged Twitter rant about the election result, a la Donald Trump. He is entitled to his opinion, naturally, and god bless him for so vociferously sharing it with the world and saving us all the trouble of lampooning the kind of extremist, self-serving idiots that wanted to oust Obama. Nobody could have done a better job of that than Trump. It makes us wonder if he secretly voted Democrat and his outburst is in fact perfectly crafted political satire of the highest order and not merely the ill-formed ravings of a deluded egotist.

E&T magazine has been considering the question of what role technology played in the US election. Our man in Washington, Paul Dempsey, spoke to key aides there to ascertain how the Obama team engineered his re-election. As Paul writes in his opening paragraph, the issues and demographic shifts that gave President Barack Obama four more years are being widely debated. Less attention is going to how his campaign harnessed them to secure victory. Was this the first major election where, “It was tech wot won it”?

Finally, we thought we’d share this infographic on the costs of the Democrat and Republican campaigns. It is by turns fascinating, frightening, amusing and maddening to see how much money this year’s political dog and pony show has cost America.

US election campaign costs
US election campaign costs



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