Jimi Hendrix at 70 – a potted history annotated graphic

James Marshall Hendrix: E&T salutes you, on what should have been your 70th birthday.

Where’s the engineering, the more churlish amongst us might say? Well, aside from the fact that sometimes it behoves us all to slough off the yoke of everyday expectation, equally sometimes we have to simply stand up and acknowledge the dazzling achievements of a solitary human being, in whatever sphere they chose to operate. His legacy is still reverberating today, even in areas only tangentially related to music. Film, fashion, art, audio technology and much more. Hats off to him for that.

Time magazine said it succinctly today, in their pen portrait of the man under a photo slideshow entitled “Photos of an incendiary talent”, when the author of that piece concluded, “Happy birthday, Jimi, and rest in peace. We shall not see your like again.” Damn straight.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Jimi Hendrix at 70
Jimi Hendrix at 70

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