UK drone force in Afghanistan to be doubled – an annotated graphic

Is it us, or is naming a military drone capable of carrying and deploying up to 14 Hellfire missiles “the Reaper” a trifle insensitive? Come to think of it, calling your new favourite missile “Hellfire” hardly demonstrates subtlety in nomenclature.

What happened to the days of pin-up girls and calling your vehicle for the deployment of weapons of mass destruction something oblique and borderline sweet like Enola Gay? At least OMD got a song out of that. Who wants to dance to Hellfire? Only The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, we suspect.

Anyway, the UK is going to double the size of its armed drone fleet in Afghanistan with the purchase of five new Reapers. Boom time for drone manufacturers. For the first time, the drones will be controlled from Britain, from a room on the base at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire. Modern warfare, eh?

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

UK to double Afghan drone force
UK to double Afghan drone force

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