#Boeing 787 Dreamliner troubles – an annotated graphic

After a tweet from Boeing Airplanes drifted through our social media transom earlier today [We’re working closely with @NTSB, our customer & other agencies regarding Monday’s 787 incident in Boston. http://ow.ly/gEtt4  #Boeing], we thought we’d share this infographic about the Dreamliner’s troubled evolution thus far. It details nine notable incidents thus far, from nose to tail, over the period November 2010-January 2013, with the latest snafu being the fuel leak in Boston yesterday (8 January). E&T also has a detailed news story today about the Dreamliner’s problems, which is well worth reading to guage the level of support Boeing has from its customers … Continue reading #Boeing 787 Dreamliner troubles – an annotated graphic

Phablets abound at CES 2013 – an annotated graphic

If there’s anything more exciting than new gadgets, it’s the new words our fine friends in the marketing and advertising industries invent in order to pimp them out to the masses and hopefully persuade the more gullible amongst us to open their wallets. Again. Enter the word “phablet”. What is a phablet? A big smartphone. Or more simply, a mobile phone that’s too big simultaneously for your hand, your head and any of your coat pockets. These trends come in cycles, don’t they? We’re old enough to remember the heady days at the turn of the 21st century when the … Continue reading Phablets abound at CES 2013 – an annotated graphic