Phablets abound at CES 2013 – an annotated graphic

If there’s anything more exciting than new gadgets, it’s the new words our fine friends in the marketing and advertising industries invent in order to pimp them out to the masses and hopefully persuade the more gullible amongst us to open their wallets. Again. Enter the word “phablet”.

What is a phablet? A big smartphone. Or more simply, a mobile phone that’s too big simultaneously for your hand, your head and any of your coat pockets. These trends come in cycles, don’t they? We’re old enough to remember the heady days at the turn of the 21st century when the ambition of manufacturers the world over was to make phones as tiny as possible. Now we’ve got phablets that appear to be the equivalent of holding a Penguin paperback against the side of your head.

Oh well, who are we to argue with the vagaries of technology and design? Really, it’s all because Samsung hit a mild home run with its Galaxy Note II, so all the other tech companies have decided they want a piece of that action. Let the phablet wars begin.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Phablets at CES 2013
Phablets at CES 2013


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