A #librarian writes – news from the IET archives about #fracking and #shale gas

Now for the latest installment in our occasional series of news from the IET Library archives, direct from the librarians who archive stuff there…

Shale gas

So, what’s all this rumpus about shale gas?  It’s highly topical at the moment – and E&T has been covering the fracking issue since it first surfaced.  It’s all about extracting natural gas trapped in shale formations via the method known as fracking. It’s controversial for all sorts of interesting reasons, but congruently a potential major source of alternative energy. Big in the States and Canada but also being tested out in the UK.

If you want to know how it’s done, good news:  we added a highly educational infographic on how to frack a while back. Check it out!

Shale gas drilling rig
Shale gas drilling rig

If you want to read more about this new technology, try the IET Virtual Library resource.  Knovel has two Engineering Cases:

Shale Gas: The Facts about Chemical Additives by Henry Craddock © 2012

What to Do with the Brine? A Zero-Discharge Solution from CLLEEN™ Water and Power by Anthony Migyanka © 2012

And take a look at these articles and many more on EbscoHost databases

Benefits of Shale Gas Outweigh Risks; 8 In 10 Americans Connect Natural Gas with Jobs.  Pipeline & Gas Journal, March 2012.

Impact of Shale Gas Development on Global Gas Markets. By Medlock III, Kenneth B. Natural Gas & Electricity, April 2011.

Is Shale Gas Shallow or the Real Deal? By Maize, Kennedy in Power, December 2012.

Methane and the greenhouse-gas footprint of natural gas from shale formations. By Howarth, Robert W.; Santoro, Renee; Ingraffea, Anthony. Climatic Change, 2011.

Splitting rock vs. splitting atoms: What shale gas means for nuclear power. By Levi, Michael. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July 2012.

The Shale Gas Extraction Process and Its Impacts on Water Resources. By Reins, Leonie. Review of European Community & International Environmental Law, 2011.

In March, the IET’s Clerk Maxwell lecture is on this topic so why not read up about it before you attend?

If you have a specific research enquiry please see http://www.theiet.org/resources/library/services/research/index.cfm and use the online form to send your request.

Happy searching in 2013!


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