Samsung record profits in Q4 2012 – an annotated graphic

Despite the ongoing, seemingly endless, legal wrangles with Apple, there has been good news of late to put an extra spring in the step of Samsung representatives on its CES booth.

Profits for the fourth-quarter in 2012 were the company’s highest ever, as its operating profit surged upwards by a gargantuan 89 per cent to approximately $8.3 billion. No wonder the company can afford to retain a coterie of expensive lawyers to complement Apple’s coterie of expensive lawyers.

Samsung’s profit was driven by phablets (yes, it’s a real word now) and chips, with analysts also positive about the South Korean tech giant’s ability to sell even more phones in 2013 than the 500 handsets a minute it was shifting in 2012.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Samsung record Q4 2012 profits
Samsung’s record Q4 2012 profits

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